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Technical Specification Clauses

Instacoustic is dedicated to providing a full breadth of support in order to ensure that the correct specification of systems and materials is simple. The correct specification details are important to ensure that any system performs to its potential and as it was considered. With our range of products covering acoustic floors, walls and ceilings the provision of correct details to contractors and installers is vital to ensure that the correct components and systems are allowed for and are installed.

To this end Instacoustic have produced a complete set of comprehensive and relevant Technical Specification Clauses to allow for easy inclusion of the products into project documentation.

These are available to download and to be prepared for your specific application and can also be used in conjunction with the LABC Registered Solutions.

Should you require any further assistance contact us at [email protected]. Or 0118 973 9560.

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LABC Registered Solutions

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) has a mission to ensure that buildings are healthy, safe, sustainable and accessible for all users and tenants whether domestic, commercial or public service. LABC coordinates the technical application of the building regulations and influences new or revised regulations covering new technology, new building methods and environmental performance.

As part of this change of emphasis, LABC is beginning to work with reputable suppliers, such as InstaCoustic, to develop a range of ‘registered solutions’ to help builders and developers to identify trusted solutions appropriate to their needs.

InstaCoustic is now proud to be a provider of a range of registered acoustic solutions for both new build and conversion projects.

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CAD drawings are also available for Architects. This provides a fast and easy method to insert the correct sections and installation details for acoustic insulation into construction drawings. By using CAD drawings, all members of the construction team can clearly see the correct application of each system to ensure the best acoustic performance.

CAD Drawings can be obtained from the InstaCoustic technical CD or downloaded from the Fastrack website.