Savings created by InstaLay enable church to have new flooring

St Timothy’s Lutheran Church in Skokie, Illinois, needed a new floor but its existing VCT floor (vinyl composition tile), which had to be removed, was found to contain asbestos. This would cause major complications, adding time and greatly increasing costs.

Fortunately, the flooring contractor, Dalia Floors, knew of InstaLay, the self-adhesive flooring installation system. As InstaLay could be loose laid over the existing floor tiles they did not have to be removed and, with no wet adhesives or open times, significant time and money would be saved.

Starting in the centre of the floor, the InstaLay 25hg was rolled out across the floor at a 45° angle to the walls. This ensured that, when the new Adore Floors 2.5mm LVT flooring was installed, none of the tile edges would coincide with the InstaLay roll edges.

As the release film was removed to reveal InstaLay’s adhesive membrane the LVTs were simply positioned and pressed into place. The installation was extremely quick and clean, with the 2,800 sq ft (260m2) of new flooring completed in just two days.

The customer was very pleased with the look and feel of the new floor – and delighted at the overall cost.

Using InstaLay provide various benefits:
  • It overcame the need to tear up the VCT floor, which avoided disturbing the asbestos and saved considerable time and money.
  • Being loose laid, it was very quick, clean and easy to install.
  • The LVT flooring could be walked on immediately after installation, with InstaLay’s rubber crumb construction providing excellent underfoot comfort.
  • St Timothy’s also benefited from the 15 year Joint Guarantee that is provided when Instalay is used to install LVTs from Adore Floors.
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