Acoustic Deep Batten (B60T)

Designed specifically for use in new build and timber frame constructions with timber floors, the B60T system complies with Robust Detail FFT1 and provides high performance acoustic insulation.


  • Robust Detail FFT 1
  • Pre-Completion Testing
  • New Build
  • Timber Floor - Level
  • Timber Frame
  • Access for Services

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Acoustic Performance

Floor System B60T
Test No. F24
AIRBORNE - 51dB DnTw + Ctr
IMPACT - 56dB LnTw
Floor system was tested with an appropriate ceiling system
Please consult InstaCoustic before specifying an acoustic system. The structure has a bearing on the overall performance.


  • Acoustic Batten
  • Acoustic Insulation Quilt
  • 19mm Plasterboard Plank
  • 22mm Chipboard
  • Resilient Flanking Strip

System Detail

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System Weight (kg/m²)
B60T 44

Acoustic Batten Spacing

System Batten Size (mm)
Width x Depth 
Batten Centres
Plasterboard Plank
B60T 43 x 70 600 19 22