InstaLay 30 Soft Floor Covering

InstaCoustic InstaLay 30, made from recycled rubber, is a high performance resilient layer that significantly reduces the transmission of impact sound at source.

InstaCoustic InstaLay 30 is suitable for bonding to all types of concrete structural floors to reduce impact sound at source. Being manufactured from recycled rubber it is durable and resistant to foot traffic before the final floor covering is installed.


  • Pre-Completion Testing
  • New Build
  • Refurbishment / Material Change of Use
  • Concrete Floor - Level
  • Over Screed / Soft Floor Covering
  • Restricted Floor Height

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Acoustic Performance

InstaLay 30 - Over Screed
Laboratory Test - 23dB ΔLw
Please consult InstaCoustic before specifying an acoustic system. The structure has a bearing on the overall performance.


  • Exceeds Document E performance standards for floor type 1
  • Significantly reduces impact sound at source
  • Strong and durable layer that is resistant to damage
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber


  • InstaLay 30

System Detail

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3.28 Soft Floor Covering

Any floor covering with a weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level (ΔLw) of not less that 17dB when measured in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-8:1998 and calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-2:1997.

InstaLay 30

Weighted reduction of impact sound pressure level 23dB