Cradle & batten acoustic flooring – sustainable and environmentally responsible

Much is made of the household recycling of bottles, cans and newspapers and how it benefits our planet. However, far less attention is given to the use of recycled materials in product manufacturing, which is equally beneficial. Our adjustable C40 cradle and batten system of acoustic flooring is a perfect example.

The unique rubber crumb cradles, which are guaranteed for 60 years, are manufactured from recycled vehicle tyres, so preventing large numbers of worn tyres going to landfill. Two recent projects provide good examples: at Saffron Square in Croydon, the equivalent of over 13,000 car tyres were used, while at Holland Green, in West London, a further 3,500 were used. Furthermore, at the end of the building’s life they can be recycled again, without losing integrity or quality or being ‘down-cycled’ to eventual waste material, making them genuine ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ products.

The wooden battens for the C40 system are obtained from FSC certified sustainable forests and form part of the InstaGroup’s commitment to environmental responsibility, for which it has obtained ISO14001.

100% recovery of rubber from Passenger Tyre 100% recovery of rubber from Truck Tyre
Rubber content of tyre = 70% Rubber content of tyre = 70%
Tyre weight = 9kg x 70% = 6.3kg (rubber) Tyre weight = 62kg x 70% = 43.4kg (rubber)
92% weight of cradle is rubber crumb = 0.17kg 92% weight of cradle is rubber crumb = 0.17kg
43.4 / 0.17 = 255 cradles =  1 tyre per 255 cradles

1000m2 = 46 tyres recycled

6.3 / 0.17 = 37 cradles =  1 tyre per 37 cradles

1000m2 = 319 tyres recycled

Calculation based on C40/25 @ 11.8 cradles per m2 Calculation based on C40/25 @ 11.8 cradles per m2

As the lightweight C40 system can be levelled on site, and also be supplied with an integral underfloor heating system, it requires no concrete screeds. This reduces not only the structural loadings but also lorry movements, energy usage and greenhouse gases. Less concrete means reduced carbon dioxide emitted during its manufacture, transport and construction use, producing lower levels of embodied carbon.

Environmental benefits of C40 cradle and batten flooring:
  • Rubber crumb cradles prevent tyres going to landfill
  • Fully recyclable, genuine ‘cradle-to-cradle’ products
  • Eliminates the need for concrete screeds
  • Reduced structural loadings and lorry movements
  • Lower levels of greenhouse gases and embodied carbon


Producing high quality products using recycled material is practical, sustainable and environmentally responsible.