Excellent sound insulation achieved at new airport hotel

A 1960’s former office building at Gatwick Airport’s south terminal has been converted into a new, five storey, 245 bedroom BLOC hotel. Extremely good levels of sound insulation, particularly important at a busy international airport, were among the high specifications demanded by the client. In addition, varying floor heights had to be achieved, to an exacting accuracy, throughout the building.

To meet these requirements 4,000m2 of InstaCoustic’s high quality C40 cradle and batten adjustable acoustic flooring was specified for all rooms and corridors over the four upper floors.

The recycled rubber crumb cradles were set out and the system was laser-levelled to ensure a completely level finished floor height. Once the battens, acoustic insulation quilt and 18mm chipboard had been installed InstaLay, our rubber crumb acoustic underlay, was installed over the chipboard to further assist the acoustic performance.

To comply with stringent fire safety requirements, fire resistant Intubatts were also installed in the floor void at room thresholds and corridor fire doors to help prevent fire spreading.

The InstaCoustic C40 flooring was specified as it provided various benefits:
  • InstaCoustic was able to demonstrate the floor’s versatility, its high levels of acoustic insulation, that well exceeded the requirements of Document E, and its quality finish that met BLOC’s exacting standards.
  • InstaCoustic was able to identify, and overcome before installation, other possible area of concern.
  • Height adjustable on site and laser-levelled to provide a completely even floor surface throughout.
  • The acoustic rubber crumb cradles’ 60 year guarantee demonstrated the durability and Long-term performance of the floor.