Flooring is rapidly replaced, enabling new shop to open on time

A new fashion store in Middlesbrough, which had a very restricted fitting out schedule prior to its initial opening, required 400m2 (approx. 4,300 sq ft) of flooring to be upgraded. By choosing InstaLay, with its rapid installation, the tight time schedule could be met and the shop began trading on time – much to the owner’s delight.

The previous floor comprised LVTs bonded to the concrete sub-floor which, traditionally, would have had to be lifted and the whole floor then screeded. This would have added at least two days to the installation and cost significantly more.

InstaLay 25hg avoided these time consuming and expensive sub-floor preparations as it was simply loose laid over the existing flooring. The new 2mm commercial LVTs were then rapidly installed using InstaLay’s self-adhesive system. The pressure sensitive adhesive allowed the tiles to be installed with ease and then locked into position by applying pressure.

On the first day the contractors installed 250m2(approx. 2,700 sq ft) of floor covering and the whole installation was completed within just two days, which impressed both the owner of the shop and the flooring contractor.

InstaLay also provided various other benefits:
  • Its self-adhesive construction significantly reduced installation time and overall costs.
  • It was rapidly loose laid over the existing flooring, avoiding any screeding.
  • The new floor could be walked on immediately after installing the LVTs.
  • It will provide warm, comfortable flooring, reducing fatigue for staff who are on their feet all day.
  • It is environmentally friendly, hygienic and long lasting.