InstaLay enables quick and clean installation of solid wood

An Australian couple were recently able to make such significant savings by using InstaLay that they were able to afford the higher quality wood floor that they had initially had to reject due to cost. By using the InstaLay self-adhesive flooring installation system the time taken by the distributors and installers, Carpet Call, to install their new solid wood floor was reduced by 50%.

Installing a solid wood floor is normally a slow and expensive process with each board having to be bonded or mechanically fixed to the sub-floor, with a special adhesive or secret nailing, and each tongue and groove joint is also glued. These traditional methods would have also involved extensive sub-floor preparations, costing $1,000’s, to make it suitable for a direct bond installation with solid wood flooring.

With InstaLay 30hg none of this was necessary, as it forgives minor imperfections, and it was simply loose laid over the sub-floor. The solid wood tongue and groove boards were then bonded together by InstaLay’s adhesive membrane with no need for messy and expensive wet adhesives.

  • InstaLay minimises sub-floor preparation, saving time and money.
  • It is loose laid, making it extremely quick and easy to use.
  • It eliminates the need for messy wet adhesives
  • InstaLay bonds together the entire underside surface of the floor, overcoming reflected sound and creating the feel of a fully bonded floor.
  • InstaLay has excellent acoustic properties:– InstaLay 30hg: 23dB / InstaLay 50hg: 26dB.
  • InstaLay expands and contracts with seasonal floor movements, holding joints tightly together to provide a long lasting quality floor. Solid wood floors that are traditionally bonded or fixed to the sub-floor are unable to adjust in this way, with the risk of permanent gaps appearing between the boards.

The homeowners were impressed by the speed of the installation and delighted with the finished results.