Listed barracks now fully refurbished and back in use.

The Grade II listed Hardinge Barracks in Hounslow, West London, unused 15 years, have been fully refurbished and brought back into use for the Ministry of Defence under the SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modules) initiative.

Built in 1870, the building is 100m long and three storeys high. It still had its original joists and floors on the first and second storeys, which were extremely uneven with large variations in floor height. Existing stairs were constructed on concrete landings and consequently were above normal floor levels.

To overcome these difficulties and provide high levels of acoustic performance, HLM Architects specified InstaCoustic flooring throughout as it provided various benefits:-

  • The slim 208 floor system is specifically designed to provide high levels of both airborne and impact acoustic performance in refurbishment and change of use projects.
  • The C40 cradle and batten system could be levelled on site and so was ideal for the uneven upper floors and for raising the floor height to match the stair levels.
  • Both systems produced very good levels of acoustic performance that exceeded the requirements of Building Regulations, Document E.
  • The known performance of the systems, which maintained the integrity of the building and allowed for rapid easy installation.

Being a long, narrow building, it was also important that installation of the floors was carefully sequenced so as not to impact upon other trades and to allow rooms to be released as soon as they were completed.