New animation shows the benefits of the InstaCradle sub-floor system

InstaFloor has created a new video animation which illustrates the benefits of its high acoustic performance InstaCradle sub-floor system. It also gives clear, detailed, step-by-step installation instructions and shows how the InstaCradle system is height adjustable and provides a simple and effective means of levelling the sub-floor.


InstaFloor has been selling the tried and tested InstaCradle system for over 25 years, primarily in the UK. It is now expanding its business by promoting it to overseas markets following the high levels of interest it has generated in recent years at the major Domotex flooring show in Germany. This video has been produced to ensure that new overseas customers fully understand the system and its benefits. Foreign language versions will be available soon.

The key component of the system is a unique, patented, cradle made from recycled rubber crumb. Fully recyclable, it is a genuine ‘cradle-to-cradle’ product and has a 60 year guarantee. Fast and easy to install, the cradles are simply loose laid and require no fixing to the sub-floor. Combined with different packers and base packers they enable easy levelling to overcome uneven floors and achieve a variety of finished floor heights.

InstaCradle, which can also be designed to provide professional standard sprung sports floors that comply with European 14904 standards, has a number of other significant benefits:-

  • No levelling screeds or drying times needed
  • Provides excellent acoustic performance
  • The system can provide a void for services/underfloor heating
  • Can accept a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles
  • Hardwood floors can be mechanically fixed direct to timber battens
  • Suitable for use with outside decking