New InstaCoustic Website Launched

InstaCoustic has launched its new upgraded website, with improved styling, clearer layout and enhanced content. The site is aimed at improving the user experience through simpler site navigation and ease of direct contact with InstaCoustic.

The website emphasises the project successes of the InstaCoustic Supply and Fit contracting teams and the excellent reputation they have earned through the quality of their work, their maintenance of high operating standards and their collaboration with other trades on-site.

The InstaCoustic design through to installation service is comprehensive and highly regarded. Its cradle and batten raised flooring, frequently installed with an integral, high performance, underfloor heating system, offers a variety of benefits, particularly in high rise buildings.

  • Removes the need for pumping concrete screeds to high levels
  • Eliminates drying times and contract delays
  • Reduces building weight and lorry movements
  • Improves site programming and trades sequencing
  • Lightweight adjustable flooring system with on-site levelling
  • Acoustic rubber crumb cradles have a 60 year guarantee
  • Combined flooring and heating installation speeds up contract times, improves efficiency and reduces the required trades

Full details of InstaCoustic’s high performance acoustic floors, walls and ceilings, which provide excellent levels of sound insulation, are in the Products section. The site also contains product brochures, technical specifications and installation instructions, as well as a wide selection of case studies, all of which can be easily downloaded. There is also information about InstaCoustic, its background and beliefs, and a short, simple contact form to request additional information or technical support or simply to arrange a meeting.

Paul Robson, Managing Director of InstaCoustic, said, “We are very pleased with the look of the new website and its ease of use and hope our customers will find it beneficial. It was important to improve the site and I’m sure it will help enhance our business.”