The Green Credentials of Floating Floors

We are all encouraged to recycle newspapers, plastic containers, tins, bottles, and other household items in order to be good citizens and ‘save the planet’ for the benefit of future generations. Paul Robson, Director of InstaCoustic, decided to examine the green credentials of their floating floors, to see how the rubber crumb cradles and base packers they use could help the environment.

In addition to having a 60 year guarantee, our unique, patented, rubber crumb cradles and base packers provide an increasingly important environmental benefit.

They are manufactured from recycled truck and car tyres and, with it being illegal in the UK and other European countries to send worn tyres to landfill sites, it was interesting to discover just how much was being reclaimed and recycled.

We discovered that…

  • From a 45kg truck tyre 60% of the content was recovered, providing 27kg of rubber crumb to use.
  • We can produce 112 40mm leg x 20mm base cradles weighing 240gm each, from each tyre.
  • With every 19m2 of C40 or 7.5m2 of CK30 that is installed, one truck tyre is prevented from becoming a waste product that is difficult to dispose of.

The versatility of the cradle and battens as a levelling system also adds a benefit. With floor heights often required to be above the standard levels, every 243 of our 10mm Cradle Base Packers (or 80 of our 30mm Cradle Base Packers) used, another tyre has been recycled.

Our floating floor products are genuinely ‘Cradle to Cradle’ because they can be recycled repeatedly, without losing integrity or quality, or being ‘down-cycled’ to become waste. The rubber crumb can then be used again and turned into another environmentally friendly product, such as rubber crumb underlays, which we also use.

You can find out more about our environmentally friendly floating floors here.