An acoustic floating floor consists of a surface layer resting on a resilient acoustic underlay, which isolates it from the base floor and the surrounding walls.

Complying with Robust Details FFT1, 2, 3, and 4 for floating floor treatments, InstaCoustic floors are manufactured to a high specification, are independently tested and proven, and will accept many proprietary finishes. The InstaLay 65 resilient layer has its own individual Robust Detail E-FC-13.

The InstaCoustic solutions are also designed to comply with, and exceed, Building Regulations that apply throughout the UK. These innovative high performance systems solve the problem of impact and airborne sound transmission through timber and concrete floors.

Acoustic floating floors to suit you

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, these acoustic solutions are available in a range of combinations and system depths and offer extremely high standards of acoustic control.

The innovative cradle and batten systems also offer the ability to be levelled on site to eliminate variations in the structural floor surface and provide access for services.

Robust Detail Compliance

Floating Floor Type InstaCoustic Solutions Robust Detail Description
FFT 1 B60T Resilient Composite Deep Batten System
FFT 2 C40 & C60 Resilient Cradle and Batten System
FFT 3 B40 & B60 Resilient Composite Standard Batten System
FFT 4 108 & 208 Resilient Overlay Platform Floor System
FFT 5 IN22 Resilient Overlay Shallow Platform Floor System
E-FC-13 InstaLay 65 Screed Laid on Resilient Layer