InstaCoustic manufactures a range of acoustic wall systems, made from sound insulation materials which provide high levels of sound proofing. These wall systems are broken into two main categories: acoustic walls and anti-flanking walls.

The acoustic wall system is designed to upgrade existing timber/masonry single skin walls and exceed the acoustic performance detailed within UK Building Regulations for separating walls between dwellings. These wall systems can also provide improved acoustic performance around lift shafts in multistorey apartments.
The anti-flanking wall is designed to offer an independent wall lining that reduces the flanking path for sound through the external envelope of a building. These walls can be used in timber frame and lightweight masonry constructions.

Adjustable Sound Barrier System

Adjustable Anti-Flanking System

Product Selector

AS28 AF28
Refurbishment / Material Change of use orange tick orange tick
New Build
Domestic upgrade orange tick
Wall straightening capability orange tick orange tick
Anti-flanking treatment orange tick
Maximum acoustic performance required orange tick
Fixing to one side only orange tick orange tick

NOTE: The above table should be used as a guide only. A wall can be used as part of a system which may include an acoustic floor and/or ceiling system.