UnderFloor Heating

With the growing demand for more efficient heating systems, Underfloor Heating is proving to be an attractive solution, providing a number of important benefits.

Benefits of underfloor heating

  • Underfloor heating is invisible and therefore aesthetically pleasing
Space Making
  • Alternative to unsightly and bulky radiators, freeing up valuable wall and room space
Comfortable Radiated Heat
  • The entire floor becomes a radiator, heating the lower part of a room to provide a feeling of natural warmth. This avoids wasted heat above head height, typical of traditional radiator heating.
  • Lifetime costs for underfloor heating systems are significantly less than a traditional radiator system, due to minimal maintenance and lower running temperatures.
  • Geothermal energy is the perfect cost-effective companion to a warm water underfloor heating system. Low temperatures in = low temperatures out = low running costs.
  • Underfloor heating can be more than three times as fast to install as a traditional radiator system (especially for large commercial projects).
  • Utilising joint-free, full circuit lengths of pipe, underfloor heating is practically maintenance free.
Health Benefits
  • Asthma sufferers can benefit from underfloor heating because it reduces the circulation of both dust and dust mites.
  • Low surface temperature heating spares the need to protect building occupants from otherwise potentially dangerous heat sources (eg: Nursing Homes & Schools)

Integrated underfloor heating and acoustic flooring package

Traditionally, underfloor heating has been part of the M&E contractor’s package. However, lightweight acoustic flooring is becoming more attractive due to the problems associated with pouring screeds and the desire to remove wet trades from the building process. This is causing a crossover between the heating package that sits with the M&E contractors and the acoustic flooring that often sits within the carpentry package.

InstaCoustic now offers a new service to main contractors where the sound insulation and the underfloor heating system can be integrated neatly in a single new package. We have teamed up with leading manufacturers to offer our customers a quality underfloor heating system that combines perfectly with our acoustic flooring systems.

This partnership provides major benefits to the main contractor by delivering a more competitive acoustic solution with a single point of responsibility. This speeds up the installation process and removes the blame culture that can exist when trades have overlapping responsibilities. With site programs being very tight, any time saving opportunities in the construction process become very important to the main contractor.

InstaCoustic’s competitive underfloor heating supply and installation package includes:

  • Acoustic floor system
  • Heating design and layout drawings
  • Underfloor heating insulation panels and heating pipes
  • Heating manifold, blending value & pump
  • Wiring centre with actuators
  • Programmable thermostatic controls for each heating zone

The InstaCoustic installation teams have been fully trained and are approved installers of Polypipe and Rehau underfloor heating systems. We provide a full range of underfloor heating systems to suit the requirements of each project.

Download the full technical details for various situations: