InstaGroup delivers

Why do major contractors choose InstaGroup?

Leading developers such as Wates, LendLease and Mace know we offer more than most acoustic contractors. It’s not just about our trusted, turn-key service for acoustic installation. It’s our level of senior technical experience that de-risks, streamlines and increases efficiency in construction sequences.

Our attention to upfront planning and design reduces the number of contractors working on-site, while ensuring high performance from our acoustic systems.

“A great partner: they get on with the job and deliver on time, solving any issues which come up. They consider everything they need to at tender stage and deliver it as planned.”

Max Becker, Senior Building Services Manager at Lendlease Residential.

“Throughout, Insta were one of the top performing, if not the top-performing sub-contractor … better than any other trade, they kept to their promise of install rate.”

Guto Jones, Project Director, Mace


Over 25 years of expertise

When installed by us, our acoustic systems are guaranteed and will out-perform building regulations for reducing sound impact. We are certified to ISO 9001 standard for consistent quality.

As acoustic contractors we have IFC accreditation and can install Fire Batts as part of our package to give a ‘one-hour’ fire rating.

Health, Safety and Wellness on-site

Health and Safety is our priority on every project. We invest huge amounts in training every year, as shown by our many safety accreditations. We operate at a level above and beyond professional regulations and legal requirements.

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Safety and sustainability

The safety and wellbeing of people working on-site is a priority for us, as is finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Check how we operate a ‘gold standard’ for Health and Safety when working on-site. And find out why our ‘dry’ acoustic flooring system is a sustainable solution compared to using screed.

Sustainability in construction

We manufacture our acoustic systems using recycled and ecologically managed materials that will last the lifetime of the building. We’re the acoustic contractors who can deliver sustainable solutions that reduce landfill, save water and cut down on embodied carbon and carbon emissions.

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