Acoustic Flooring with Underfloor Heating

InstaGroup design, supply, install and commission acoustic flooring with underfloor heating. Heating systems fully integrate with our patented cradle and batten flooring.

The future of heating

Acoustic flooring with underfloor heating is increasingly specified for new builds and redevelopment projects. The combined system offers higher efficiencies compared with radiators, and frees up space that is at a premium in living spaces and apartments.

As more and more buildings convert to renewable heating sources such as air source heat pumps, the water feed temperature becomes lower. This change in heating systems makes underfloor heating the best option.

An integrated solution

We can design acoustic flooring with underfloor heating to suit individual design and programme requirements. Ask about UFH systems to suit your project.

Our team work closely with Mechanical & Electrical contractors at all interfaces to deliver a smooth installation with optimum results.

We fully commission the underfloor heating system by connecting it, flushing it completely and dosing it with Biocides and Inhibitors for long lasting protection that maintains effective operation.

“InstaGroup have been working with Lendlease over several years at Elephant Park installing their cradle and batten system with underfloor heating. InstaGroup has been a great partner, they get on with the job and deliver on time solving any issues which come up.”

Max Becker, Senior Building Services Manager at Lendlease Residential

EdB system


When installing UFH it’s essential that the heating pipes are in direct contact with the overlay board, and that the heat produced is driven upwards through the board to heat the space.

The EdB system works by holding the pipework in rigid, foil-faced, routed-out sheets of insulation which are held in place with galvanised steel brackets. When the overlay board is secured, the pipes stay in direct contact, creating maximum thermal efficiency.

Mounting the steel brackets on the battens means we can level the insulation with the overlay board and not the slab, eliminating air gaps. The rigid insulation then maintains a consistent connection with the overlay board and the pipe.

Typical components include:

  • Actuators
  • Wiring centres
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Manifolds
  • Pipework
  • Routed out insulation and brackets holding the pipework

Aluminium Spreader Plates


In this system, thin aluminium plates are tacked to the top of the battens, with the pipes being secured in the grooves. This ensures connection between the pipes and the overlay board.

Mineral wool is placed beneath the aluminium plates and between the battens to increase thermal performance.

The aluminium plates are flexible, and it’s important that they don’t sag, as this creates an air gap which would reduce the thermal efficiency of the system. Our fitters are trained in the optimal installation of the system to deliver to specifications.

Typical components include:

  • Actuators
  • Wiring centres
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Manifolds
  • Pipework
  • Single piece aluminium plates

Benefits of installing acoustic flooring with UFH include:

  • Our complete design, supply and fit service results in high thermal conductivity
  • Lower water temperatures, faster heating response and more control supports energy efficiency targets
  • ‘No screed’ integral system reduces the number of contractors on site
  • Effectively speeds up the construction programme
  • We design systems to suit the project


Acoustic Raised Flooring Systems C30, CK30, C40

Get in touch for more information on InstaGroup acoustic flooring with UFH.

Acoustic flooring with underfloor heating – case studies

InstaGroup’s integrated design and install service for acoustic flooring with UFH has been used at many prestigious developments.

See case studies for Holland Green, the London Olympic Athlete’s Village, the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and South Quay Plaza at Canary Wharf.

For more information, and for design advice about your underfloor heating project, please get in touch. Our extensive experience can deliver all the support you need.

Battersea Case Study

Battersea Power Station

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring
Elephant Park

Elephant Park, London

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring
South Quay Plaza

South Quay Plaza, London

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring