Sustainability in construction

Reducing environmental impact

InstaGroup acoustic systems don’t just reduce sound impact in buildings, they help to reduce environmental impact and support sustainability in construction.

Re-using and recycling

Many of our acoustic products, rubber cradles and components are manufactured from recycled rubber tyres. We use sustainable sources of timber for our wooden battens, and our plastic battens are made from recycled UPVC windows.

recycled upvc windows

Saving landfill

Our recycled rubber crumb cradle and batten acoustic flooring prevents thousands of worn tyres from going to landfill every year. Recent projects at South Quay Plaza and Sheffield used the equivalent of over 13,500 car tyres in construction.

Stopping water waste, cutting carbon

With no need for wet trades or flushing out, InstaGroup’s ‘dry’ acoustic flooring system helps to reduce water use and prevent water waste in construction. Our no screed solution saved 12 litres of water per m2 in construction at Greenwich Peninsular Upper Riverside (GPUR).

Our no screed solution also cuts down on transportation and energy use. This results in lower carbon emissions and lower levels of embodied carbon in the construction.

rubber crumb

Supporting sustainability in construction

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Reduces landfill

products are made using recycled rubber tyres and UPVC frames

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Saves water in construction

‘dry’ floor system

Reduces carbon emissions and embodied carbon

in the building – uses no screed

Supports energy efficiency

our acoustic flooring can be installed with integral underfloor heating


our environmental management system is certified ISO 14001



guaranteed for 60 years

Genuine ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ solution

our rubber crumb products can be recycled again, without losing their integrity or quality