Acoustic Walls

Our acoustic wall systems are suitable for domestic upgrades, building refurbishment and change of use projects. They exceed the acoustic performance detailed in UK Building Regulations for separating walls between dwellings.

Our acoustic walls are designed to upgrade existing timber and masonry single skin walls. If needed, they can be used to straighten walls.

Our anti-flanking wall systems are for use with timber frame and lightweight masonry constructions. They offer an independent wall lining that effectively reduces the flanking path for sound transmitted through the external envelope of a building.

Our wall systems can be used as part of a soundproofing project that involves installing acoustic flooring and acoustic ceiling solutions. Please ask us for advice.

Battersea Case Study

Battersea Power Station

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring
Elephant Park

Elephant Park, London

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring
South Quay Plaza

South Quay Plaza, London

C40 cradle and batten acoustic flooring

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Acoustic Wall Systems

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